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Grab Bars 

Age in Place Ergonomic Bathrooms

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Barrier-Free Living

Think universal design and barrier-free products are just for elderly and disabled people? Think again.

Sure those concepts and features are great for senior citizens and they are necessary for people who use mobility aids, but they can also be beneficial for children and anyone that may be recovering from injury or illness.

The benefits of remodeling with all ages and abilities in mind are many. Whether homeowners are updating a master bathroom, renovating a kitchen or just upgrading fixtures, there are choices that can be made now that will make life easier down the road.

When it comes to making a home work for any age or stage, it’s a good idea to take a proactive approach. Consider adding a ground floor master suite, incorporating walk-in shower units, installing grab bars, widening doorways, having a variety of counter heights in the kitchen, and even making sure there is at least one step-free entrance to the home.

Bellinghamhomeworks would love to help you incorporate barrier free and universal design elements into your Whatcom County home.

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