100% Waterproof System

We use the best high tech shower system to ensure longevity, 100% waterproof, and mold free. Using a proven high quality build process throughout our bathroom remodel construction projects

Schluter heated tile shower floors 

Schluter Professional Training Certified 

Advanced Level 2

Professional Bathroom Remodeling 



Experienced at building high quality custom showers that last and enhance your homes value. If your contractor uses a cement board in their estimate then you are committed to building a shower that will encourage the growth of mold in your home. If you are not using hydrophobic membranes that are tested and proven,  then why not?

No Mold Growth Shower System

Attention to Details make the difference between just okay and really great workmanship

Profiles and customized shower benches

Building things to last and function well under the daily water flow from a shower. Most residential showers have mold and mildew from moisture seeping under and behind there shower systems. We use a 100% waterproof building material, thereby providing clients a mold proof system. Showers in homes average around 1,000 inches of rain per year. Vapor management of the kerdi membrane of the Schluter system eliminates mold growth which is found in any shower built with inferior cement board type materials. Bellinhamhomeworks.com only uses a high quality proven  Schluter product to water proof your home and we and Schluter Inc. stand behind our shower installs because of it.

Mold Free Shower System is achieved through proper vapor management 

Kerdi board, and Kerdi membrane is 100% Waterproof and provides a vapor shield to prevent mold. Tile, cement board, and grout are not waterproof materials and allow moisture to pass through.

Mold growth can be present behind the walls in most residential showers built with old technology and low grade materials. Vapor management is the key to stopping mold from growing in your bathroom shower. 

If you are not using a modern vapor management system , then very likely your shower will have mold behind the walls where the vapors can get trapped behind tiled shower walls