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Pro Drywall Repairs

Small Drywall Repairs

Water Damage is a part of the PNW climate. Water can ruin drywall and leave stains, create all types of problems. Leaks happen! once the source of the water leak has been rectified, we fix the wet or damaged drywall and get your home back to normal again.

Drywall Buildouts

Sheet Rock Experts

Drywall is tricky to work with ,why not let the pro's of BHW take care of the drywall patches, and ceiling repairs. I have all the pro tools like dustless sanders and lots of experience with mudding and taping and texturing to give your walls or ceiling a great finished look. Painting services for interior as well.

Remodeling a Room

New walls and ceilings create new spaces

Contemporary style, with new drywall and a fresh coat of paint can transform a basement space to be a livable space with clean surfaces.

Windows and Water

Leaks and windows 

Water splashing from outside has a way of destroying drywall areas in your windows sills. Over time any drywall in contact with moisture in your home, will discolor and harbor the dripping moisture like a sponge.

 Drywall pro's @ BHW cuts out the compromised Sheetrock materials  and makes it all look good again

Drywall problems solved 

When drywall problems arise;  Call Chris @ BHW drywall then those repair issues are resolved 

The experienced  Drywall pro's @ BHW cut out the compromised Sheetrock materials, replace, and makes it all look good again

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