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Bellingham - Bathroom Remodeling Pro

Bathroom Remodeling by BellinghamHomeWorks

          , LLC takes care of EVERYTHING for your bathroom remodel. We provide our high-level of professional bathroom remodeling service for all types of bathroom remodels—from adding new curb-less tiled showers all the way to transforming and re-configuring compact bathrooms into luxurious bathroom suites. We take into consideration our clients needs and ideas while optimizing results and performing excellent quality remodeling on a limited budget. We are customer service-orientated and we enjoy the process of designing and building custom bathrooms for our clients.

Personalized Service* While planning the remodel, will personally assist you in selecting the building materials that will best reflect your ideas and the new design for your home in Bellingham, WA. Once the remodeling work crew has started the remodeling process, I will keep you up-to-date on the project’s progress through out the entire process step by step as the phases develop.We’ve worked with hundreds of different contemporary building materials including newest techniques for installing modern tile, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers, glass walls, new windows, and a wide variety of professional quality oriented remodeling services. 


Creative Design Possibilities and Ideas* If you want some inspiration for your bathroom, you can find it at BellinghamHomeWorks. Backed by renowned designs, award winning creativity, and performed with skilled professional experience. The designers have many proven techniques to incorporate modern styled features of interest, we can negotiate our way around the space limitations most bathrooms have while helping you design your new bathroom spaces and remodel your home.

Older Local Homes* Bathrooms in many of our older classic styled Bellingham homes can be small and an afterthought. At BellinghamHomeworks, LLC, we are experts at redesigning small, outdated bathrooms to become functional, and contemporary masterpieces to freshen up the modern home. Our bathroom remodeling services include:

  • In-floor radiant heat

  • Tiled floors

  • "Wet" bathrooms and curb-less showers for limited space

  • New bathroom additions

  • Soaking tubs

  • Tiled showers

  • Tile Back-Splash

  • Age In Place; up grades like step in tubs, grab bars, and benches

  • Bellingham's Top Rated Locally Owned Bathroom Remodel Contractor.

  • Full Bathroom Renovations

No room in your home sees more daily traffic than the bathroom. Morning, noon, and night your family needs access to a space in which they can relax and feel comfortable. If your bathroom is cramped or outdated, then the bathroom experience will not be a positive one. By remodeling your bathroom with BellinghamHomeWorks, LLC.  you will be able to maximize space, comfort, and value in one easy to manage project.

For full details on our bathroom remodeling services, call/text Chris @ 360.988.3012  or visit us through email @ to schedule a free in-home consultation today!   

Bellingham's Top Rated Locally Owned Bathroom Remodel Contractor. Our long history of being #1 in Bellingham area bathroom remodels is simply because our happy local customers regularly refer us to their local friends!

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