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Design & Build

Customized bathroom design and build team

We all have an idea of what our dream bathroom might look like someday, well that day has arrived and you deserve a remodeled bathroom space to reflect your lifestyle. I will help you plan out the details, and get things organized and ordered. Then the BellinghamHomeWorks remodeling team will begin the process of building and installing components for your new bathroom

Pintrest and Houzz

Internet a virtual plethora of fresh bathroom remodeling ideas 

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Contemporary styles change so rapidly it takes weekly browsing through Pintrest and Houzz to keep up with all the newest changes in home remodeling trends and design. I like to review images with clients so that I have an idea of your tastes and design preferences.

Cell phones with their easy to use apps, in example Planner 5D, represents one of many free technological leaps that

have changed the face of today's bathroom design process. Smart Phones put it at all of our finger tips, it is easy, fun, and quick.

Thoughts and Ideas Become working sketch's

We listen to you because your Bathroom Ideas are weighed and considered, and then agreed upon, and finally transformed into an updated bathroom that has modern functionality and contemporary appeal.

I start by listening to your needs, wants, and desires for the new bathroom design elements. Types of tile, plumbing escutcheons, heated floors, new floating vanity, etc. I then transfer that brainstorming effort into a sketch that depicts the finished look and functions of the new bathroom remodel.

We are locally owned and operated.

We have lower overhead than a franchised remodel company or national chain box store, so our customers will avoid those added fee costs to complete your bathroom project.


Catepillar to Butterfly 

Tile can change the room from boring and utility, to luxurious and inviting

Once the final design has been agreed upon the pro remodeling team begin's the noisy tear out demo, custom dimensional build out, perform plumbing upgrades, accommodate a few last minute changes, and then finish off and bring to life the brand new sparkling clean bathroom!

We build all our bathrooms with modern hydrophobic membranes, that manage vapors which is the major cause of mold and grout discoloration down the road. No mold mean less maintenance and odors. Cheaper materials knock offs of premium products always deliver poor results.


Pintrest  turns into Reality

We tweak great ideas from online to create the modernized bathroom you will love

From the image richness bounty of our modern world's internet we can utilize these ideas to transform your space. Re work the designs to match budget and spacial requirements, easily without the cost and time spent when being dragged into a showroom, dealing with bathroom sales people, or unnecessarily spending extra money on a expensive designer. Internet edified the new aged bathroom 'do over' customer is nowadays internet access informed, and has the power of choices on their phones.


Creative Solloutions

Exceptional quality artisan tile work 

Experienced in Creative Designs that work. Planning the details out ahead of time; with meticulous execution; craftsmanship and attention to details; combine to deliver a well appointed and newly updated  bathroom remodel project.

Quality results are achieved with trained pro's and years of experience, combined with the best professional grade tools for outstanding results

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