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Carpentry Repairs on just about anything including, doors, windows, fencing, decks, stairs, crown moulding, flooring, Siding, etc...


Plumbing repairs and installations


sinks, faucets, disposals, hot water tanks, tank-less hot water heaters, showers, vanities, toilets, and more


leaks under sinks, faucets, disposals, clogs, and yes toilets too.


Electrical Repairs and Installations

Installing; new switches, lights, outlets, cieling fans, bathroom fans.

Repairing; switches, lights, outlets, etc.


Painting & Dry Wall Repairs

Painting,  interior or exterior

Dry Wall, installation & repairs


Over time things break, wear out or need to be updated. Switching out old toilets, door locks wear out and need replacing, caulking around tubs and showers, leaking pipes causing mold to proliferate, replacing broken tiles, or fixing that broken porch step. Today's one hundred dollar fix is potentially next years five thousand dollar fix. Call us today and we can help you stay on top of routine maintenance issues before they become costly property emergencies.


Renovating an old space can re-vitalize your living space giving a new feeling to a homes functionality and style. BHW's specializes in small to whole house renovations, from a tile bathroom to a tile entry way , or all new flooring throughout your home, kitchens , bathrooms need updating periodically to maintain the value of your home and to update worn out styles and add more interesting pizzazz to your house.

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