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Remodeling Franchises with national headquarters charge fees to unsuspecting Bellingham customers!

Local contractor verses the cost of hiring a locally operating National chain franchise contractor.

I am local experience contractor with a remodeling background, with out the fee based franchise mother ship to support . We offer competitive pricing and welcome an opportunity to give a free competitive estimate! Franchise fees and showrooms cost the franchise operator money in fees and start up loans, so then who pays for that overhead, the customer of course! Wise shoppers choose local experienced, A+ BBB rated and reliable locally owned remodel companies that they can trust to offer fair pricing to perform remodel services.

Save money and hire a local contractor who is not governed by a National Franchise, part of your remodel budget is going to pay those fees for a franchise to operate in your town. Over the years we and our customers have noticed that our pricing is typically 20% lower for the same remodel as a National Franchise firm might offer you. Why not get an estimate from us at and compare for yourself before you commit to the high prices of a franchise system.

A recent project, local talented bathroom remodeling, @ reasonable prices. Double shower heads, heated shower floors, shower niches, a floating bench, with a 6 foot line drain.

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